John Bowers

Jun 2006

Simply, if the opportunity arises, take a class with Professor Bowers. He's insightful, witty, and (most importantly) thought-provoking. He takes the time to give each person the thorough criticism, constructive or otherwise, his or her piece deserves. One can tell he genuinely cares about each student's progress. Even if nonfiction is not your genre, take this class as it will strengthen your writing and help to cultivate fiction you may have in progress.

Apr 2005

I am so happy that I am in this class. Professor Bowers is one of the nicest people in New York. Period. An Appalachian native (in case you were wondering where his accent's from) he is always smiling, always friendly, and always willing to help. He begins our class with talk of films and books and makes the classroom environment extremely comfortable - especially considering how much personal information gets put on the table in non-fiction classes. And he always has great insight into your writing. If you are to take one writing class while you're here - take it with him. You'll really love it.