Justin Dombrowski

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Jan 2014

I had Justin for Literature Humanities last semester, and I do not think he is the best, not worst, lithum professor. Positives: petty chill about talking in class, cursing, plans fun activities (restaurants and museums) so there is that. Negatives: he is a pretty harsh grader, and considering most of his prints don't even make sense to him, it can be really annoying, frustrating, and disheartening. Main thing to keep in mind: brainstorm with him and your classmates, and write up a draft to show to him!

Jul 2012

Social History under the Roman Empire covers a range of topics from demography to slavery to economics. The class utilizes scholarly debates to talk about a range of theories about each topic. Just as much time is focused on dissecting the quality of each scholar's argument as is spent on evaluating the evidence and coming to our own understanding. Rather than accepting all scholarly material as fact, we are encouraged to think critically about each point made and assess the utility of each argument. Justin is an amazing teacher. His classes are always thought provoking and engaging. He is passionate about antiquity and works really hard to make sure that all of his students understand the material. Soon-to-be-Dr. Dombroski is open to feedback and actively wants to make his class as enriching as possible. Take this course!

Jul 2012

Justin really wants you to learn to think critically, and the essay topics reflect this; you're not just regurgitating what you've read. As a result, the written assignments don't feel like useless busy work, and writing them is reasonably engaging. In the 3000 level course, there was a lot of focus on learning how to poke holes in published research (not true in the basic1000-level Roman History class, which was pitched at a more basic level). His style is very straightforward—no surprises. You'll get exactly what you signed up for. If you want to learn, he makes a significant effort to help you do it.