Deborah Aschkenes

May 2010

Take Deborah for UW! So frequent were the complaints I'd hear from other students about UW classes, and, fortunately, I never understood them. While nothing covered in the course was particularly mind-blowing or life-changing, Deborah made an otherwise tedious and forced curriculum enjoyable. Deborah creates an informal yet informative and engaging classroom setting; we often joked around with her, and she with us. Deborah is exceedingly understanding and lenient; as she herself once put it, "life happens". She recognized that most of us weren't that crazy about being forced to take the course, and crafted her expectations accordingly. She was also highly open to suggestions, and frequently asked us where we wanted to go with the course and what activities we wanted her to emphasize. Overall, if you're looking for a relaxed and informal learning atmosphere that is neither mind-numbingly boring nor heart-stoppingly stressful, take Deborah! She'll make the UW experience as painless as possible while still encouraging the learning process.