Brie Bouslaugh

Oct 2010

I was skeptic for the first 5 minutes of my UW class with Brie Bouslaugh but have loved it ever since those first 5 minutes. Because we all know UW is not an interesting course, loving it can only mean one thing: an awesome instructor! Brie Bouslaugh is a fun, passionate, dedicated,and interesting professor. I could go on enumerating of her qualities for a while but that might make me sound a little to obsessive. What's wonderful about Brie Bouslaugh's way to interact with us is that we all work a lot and do the not required work without feeling overwhelmed, annoyed nor bored. I never thought I could admit this but, I'm even sad that I only had one semester of UW with her! She is aware that not all students in the classroom intend to write anything else but scientific formulae later in life, so the workload is reasonable. Students with English as a second language improve every class while the best writers get some good practice and great essays to read. I would advise anyone who needs to change their schedule around to pick Brie Bouslaugh's class; it's a smart choice.