Lorien Crow

Apr 2010

Of all the unfathomable things professor Crow cares about, University Writing is not one. We had the absolute bare minimum of work this term, and there was unsettlingly little one could do to rouse the professor's attention. If you are not particularly concerned with your professor regarding you and your work with less care than could fill a thimble, this is the class for you: the only homeworks apart from the lens, conversation, research and retrospective essays were wholly optional. One spanner in the works was that the retrospective essay counted for 10% of our grade, a rule that many other U-Writing professors cast aside like a solar-powered flashlight. The readings were generally interesting, though for the most part chosen undemocratically by professor Crow. Frankly her choices for our conversation essay - three vehemently anti-copyright articles that we were somehow meant to put in argument with each other - were quite daft, although made easier if you played devil's advocate to them. On the whole, probably the least amount of work you will have to do in any section of U-Writing. Just don't expect to fall in love with it.