Mario Diaz de Leon

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2018

A great professor. Very patient, informative and helpful. Really like his session.

Jan 2013

He's perfect! Keep this section if you get into it. Everything you want in a Music Hum professor and class, you'll get from this one. The music is incredible, and the fact that Mario is so passionate about it only extends your own appreciation. I believe we covered the same pieces as most MH classes (from talking to people in other sections) but we had a textbook with listening guides and readings. Overall, an enjoyable experience.

May 2011

Mario is super chill and his class is too. While this certainly was not the most challenging of classes, I still learned alot and feel ready to participate in those cocktail party discussions about music that the Core prepares us for. He loves when you participate in class but that isn't even really necessary, do some but not all of the readings and write passionate reports/responses and you should be fine. It was a 9 am class that I never missed because I knew I could get out of bed and relax in class, listen to some great music, and gain a few insights at the same time. A painless, interesting class.

Apr 2010

Take his Music Hum section! It is exactly what you want out of a required course - interesting, slightly challenging and fun without a heavy work load. Even if you have little to no interest in music and music history, you will come away from this class with an appreciation of a wide variety of music and a general sense of historical relevance. I had a 9AM course and never missed a class because there was always something to gain from coming to class - either enjoying 10 minutes of listening to music or hearing interesting references and facts about a composer or historical era. Mario is incredibly chill and disarmingly knowledgeable about every section he presents. He gives a really comprehensive review/study sheet that prepares you extremely well for the exams - stick to the review sheet and you won't waste time studying from the textbook (which is a little less organized than his instruction but worth purchasing/borrowing). Definitely try to find his section once you register and you will be humming a happy tune because of it!

Aug 2009

Mario is both a decent MusicHum instructor and a cool guy--stick with him if you get him. While sticking closely to the core syllabus, he focuses on each student's subjective experience of music and working to hone your listening abilities. Classes consist of brief lectures on the current topic and open discussion on pieces you listen to in class. By the end of the semester you won't necessarily have a knowledge of the history of music that exceeds the over-simplified MusicHum syllabus, but you'll be able to listen to and analyze music more closely. He's also very, very easy on grading if you show you're open-minded and have put effort into the assignment. He's totally understanding about workload and will give extensions if you need them.