Seth D Halvorson

Jan 2011

Seth is the real deal. I have never had a professor expend so much effort on reading and evaluating student work. He is so available to meet to discuss papers and such. The classes are a pleasure, really, no kidding- he runs the gambit of organizing and facilitating discussion in a way that I have never seen before. You actually want to do the work for this class. He is really funny, but oddly serious. I never thought someone could be both- but he is. The workload was 3 papers and precis statements- the precis project changed my life (again, not kidding) and made writing so much more easy and pleasant. I think I got better grades in other classes because of Halvorson. He also has a very clear set of standards of evaluating student work. He handed out a rubric for how he grades- he sticks to it and it makes a lot of sense. Take a class from him, you will not regret it. He loves CC, it is obvious and he works to make the class accessible and excellent for everyone- even some of the students who don't pull their weight. He is probably too kind with the dolts, but Seth is one of the best professors I have ever had.