Martina Mims

May 2018

She has a thick accent, making my brain hard to work actively to perceive information. This course has presentations and she asks the students to draw sketches. I dropped after the first class.

Feb 2018

Super chill professor, really kind and tries to engage the entire class in discussion, lenient grader, what more can I say

Nov 2016

Martina Mims is by far the best professor that I have had in Columbia. I wonder why she hasn't had a golden nugget here. I took Arthum with her last year, and she was very encouraging, but she also commented on what is right/wrong in people's comments, making you learn a lot in a relaxed atmosphere. She genuinely cares about her students. It's been over a year and she keeps asking how we're doing when some of us from that class run into her sometimes, and has written rec letters for a few of us. In fact, at the beginning of the my Arthum class last year when I told her that I felt sort of intimidated because I had no background in art, she took me to a cafe on campus, bought me water, sat down with me outdoor, and encouraged me with really sincere words. I became very involved in that class. She has that attitude towards all of her students, and obviously knows well about them: when someone doesn't talk in class, she will call on that person by pointing our his/her previous experience or probable expertise on this matter and invite him to comment on this. Everyone gets to participate in some way, and actually enjoys the class.

Nov 2016

I LOVE MARTINA MIMS! Seriously, I've been recommending her to everyone who has yet to take ArtHum. She's really great at facilitating class discussions - I have no background in art/art history/analysis whatsoever, but I found it easy to say something of value in class. It's really relaxed, but I also learned a lot that I didn't think I was going to retain..and then I went to Italy and was able to pull from what she had talked about. Her grading is lenient, and she makes sure you know what to expect for the tests and papers so you're well prepared. Martina is great. She's understanding, intelligent, friendly, approachable, and great at teaching the subject. Take her if you can. If I could go back and take this class again, I would!

Jul 2015

This was the best class! Professor Mims is extremely knowledgable on all things art, but she also creates a wonderful atmosphere that I have yet to experience in any of my other classes at Columbia. She lets her students discuss the art in whatever terms you feel comfortable with rather than lecturing, which was really interesting. It also let everyone feel welcome to add to the conversation regardless of how fluent you were art terminology. Professor Mims definitely lead the class and steered conversation, but everyone would talk to each other rather than just spouting off information at her. We also went on two "field trips", which were extremely interesting and informative! We went to St. John of the Divine and got an extremely comprehensive and unique tour of the cathedral (we even got to see parts that are off limits to the public tours). Almost everyone in the class did well and I don't think anyone got below a B (the majority of students got A-'s I think). If you want to learn about art, how to discuss art, but mainly how to interpret art using the skill set you already have then definitely take art hum with Professor Mims!