Mark Kroeckel

Sep 2012

Mark was one of the worst studio professors I've had. Barely showed up for class even though he was tough on those who were late. For one project I was only able to speak to him once before we had a class pinup. He didn't give midterm feedback for students he was assigned in the first half of studio. He submitted a grade at the end of the semester with no comments or justification. I thought his studio touched on some interesting topics: the privatization of public space and the civic function of museums and transpiration infrastructure. However, his attempt to engage us with these things resulted in some unclear assignments for 'diagrams.' I use the word in quotes because he seemed to want well researched data driven diagrams that would have necessitated much more time and research than we were able to complete in the time allotted. Instead, we produced pointless graphs generated by half-baked research and pseudo-science. Luckily before midterms another professor took the reigns and assigned a design project with a more limited scope: designing a single room exhibit centered around a series of maps related to the theme of the class. I had heard Mark is a good professor from older students, but, in my experience, he was more concerned with preserving a blasé "too cool for school" mystique than he was with advancing his students. Completing four and a half Columbia credits is expensive both in time and money, and after having studio with Mark, I wish I spent the effort with someone else.