Maria Lozano

Dec 2020

I LOVE THIS WOMAN !!! Prof. Lozano is the sweetest person I have ever met. She is so kind and genuinely cares about her students. I took her during our online covid semester so FALL 2020 and she was so flexible. She made learning fun and given the fact that I was on central time and taking this class at 7:40 am CT, I was still excited to learn. The class goes by so fast with her.

Jan 2018

Maria Lozano is the best. She's very knowledgable about immigration issues related to Latin America, and has a particular area of expertise in bilingual education, which is what the education policy portion of the class is about. I'd say what is best about Professor Lozano, however, is how supportive she is. It can be hard to learn a new language, and Professor Lozano is very encouraging for anyone who wants to learn, no matter their skill level, and she is always approachable during office hours. I'm going into continuing my spanish education with a level of optimism and confidence that is completely do to her.

Dec 2017

Professor Lozano is INCREDIBLE! I went into this class with terrible expectations because I was not enthusiastic about the topic (it was the only one that fit my schedule). However, I was blown away by Professor Lozano to the point where this class was my favorite this semester. Professor Lozano is engaging, approachable and genuinely a wonderful person. She is incredibly understanding about our other work/commitments and always tries her best to accommodate to your needs as a student (especially with deadlines, which barely exist in her class). The readings are interesting and the discussions in class are even more interesting as a result of Professor Lozano's engaging teaching style. We discussed topics that were very real and relatable and the class in general was very enjoyable. Professor Lozano starts every class asking us how we are/how are weekend was/etc showing how much she truly cares about her students. She constantly made us work in pairs/groups, stimulating a positive collaborative environment in the classroom. My class had students with different levels of Spanish and Professor Lozano was very good about accommodating for these different levels so that nobody felt inferior/superior in the class and so that everybody was comfortable participating in the discussions. If you need/want to take a Spanish class, TAKE IT WITH PROFESSOR LOZANO!!!!

Sep 2017

The BEST professor you could ask for in regards to an intro class. There's a good amount of work but she's super approachable and gives a lot of feedback. It was an 8:40 for me and I hate morning classes and this one kept me v engaged. Attendance is important. I got an A- in the course with a moderate amount of effort (basically do all the assigned work and you won't really need to do any extra stuff)

Sep 2015

Professor Lozano is extremely sweet and friendly. The class definitely helped me learn a lot of new things about immigration, even if the readings we did were terribly boring (she did talk about changing the reading material for the next semester, so it might be different now, but the textbook that we used was extremely dry), and I'm pretty sure many people didn't do the readings anyway. I wouldn't suggest not reading, because I think she noticed people slacking off at the end of the semester, and she would ask more specific questions, but she never really grilled anyone, if that's what you're worried about. Participation definitely helps, and she's very open to new/different opinions. Immigration is a very sensitive topic, but she's always asking for someone to offer a perspective that might be different from her own. Our particular class never really had super-vibrant discussions, and we all played it pretty safe with what we said. It's not a tough class if you do the basics.

May 2013

After reading some of the reviews for other Elementary Spanish professors, I realized that this needed to be written - Maria deserves silver or gold, hands down. She is extremely personable, understanding, and helpful. She keeps the class on pace, constantly engaging with students or having the students practice various skills with each other. There is no down time or "busy work" in this class. The Spanish curriculum relies heavily on the "Gente" book and materials, so you end up working out of it every class - it is ridiculously expensive, but you use it through Intermediate. Maria set a balance between classroom exercises and book work that was perfect. She ruined me to other Spanish professors - after a few weeks in Elementary Spanish II with a subsequent, sub-par professor, I realized how bad a Spanish class could be when you work directly out of the book.

May 2013

This is one of the best classes I have ever taken. Maria is an absolute GEM and I was so surprised she didn't have stellar reviews already. She's very clear and easy to understand, she makes all of her expectations very clear, and she always stays on task (even if she tangents about her 5 year old son, she always manages to stay on topic). She speaks at just the right pace, she's always very helpful, and she's very understanding about issues as well. She's an amazing teacher, and you can be totally honest with her. I beg of you, take a class with her, she's wonderful. (also we had dinner at her adorable apartment at the end of the semester, and it was the cutest and she made us flan even though she didn't have to she's actually the best)