Oscar Useche

May 2009

Oscar was really sweet and wanted us to be excited about his class. The main criticism I have of him was that he was just too young and unexperienced with teaching. I felt like things got better at the end of the semester when the class was more comfortable with each other, but for the whole first half I dreaded going to spanish because the atmosphere was sort of awkward, and not at all fun. Other spanish classes I've had at Columbia were great because the professors set very clear boundaries and expectations on the first day, and were very strict in their enforcement. That personally makes me feel more comfortable, and makes the class dynamics easier because everyone knows what is expected of them. For example, in Raquel's class she made it clear that everyone MUST speak in spanish and participate to a large degree, and that automatically made the class atmosphere easier and the students less insecure about speaking because they knew it was an expectation everyone was held to. I think Oscar will be a great professor once he learns that he should be a little stricter initially. I also struggled to comprehend the concepts in some of his lectures, but he was very approachable and encouraged us to visit him during office hours if there was anything we had trouble with.