Javier Perez-Zapatero

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2021

Javier is truly a gem. He is one of the nicest, most understanding, and personable professors I have ever encountered. He will seriously bend over backward to help you with a topic, is responsive to emails, and loves to chat with his students about anything. Like he really is just a warm guy. With this being said!!!! The workload is a lot, but completely manageable. A lot of people didn't like it because Spanish tends to be a low-priority class for most, but if you enjoy the subject and don't mind putting in the moderate effort, this is a wonderful class. If you come to class with a good attitude, do the homework, and outwardly participate/try your best, he will do everything he can to give you a good grade in the end, even if you bomb a couple of quizzes (those grammar tenses tho).

Dec 2018

DO NOT TAKE FOR INTERMEDIATE SPANISH. Javier is a great guy but he uses assignment-based learning instead of teaching the class the material. On top of that, the work-load is INSANE. This is my third spanish class at Columbia and we had easily 4x the workload of other courses.

May 2016

Javier is by far the best professor that I have had at Columbia so far. He genuinely cares about helping students learn the language, and gives very thorough feedback on all assignments. Despite the fact that my class used to meet at Friday's at 4, I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you're going to take Spanish, take it with Javier.

Sep 2013

I thought that the subject was very interesting, it was my first time learning about gay culture. Javier is such a great professor, he is so friendly, kind, and helpful! He is easy to approach and is willing to help students. I was nervous about this class the first day since it is upper level, but his voice is very calming and he doesn't make his students feel stupid if their Spanish isn't the best. This class made me want to minor in Spanish. You should really take a class with Javier, he is great!!

Sep 2011

Amazing, amazing professor. Most of our classes were spent watching entertaining and informative videos about our current subject. The subject changed every week, and every week somebody had to hold a short presentation on it and afterwards facilitate a class discussion which was surprisingly easier than it sounds because everybody was willing to participate. Javier is the kindest guy ever and even if your Spanish is shabby like mine he will never make you feel stupid about it but listen with patience and still correct your mistakes when necessary and helping you. He writes relatively long comments on your weekly assignments which I found really helpful in getting better at Spanish. If you have a chance to take a class with this guy, do it now! You won't regret it.

May 2011

The Good: 1. SUPER NICE. He is so so so calm and understanding and engaging. He makes he want to speak Spanish without actually forcing you to. He's one of the best teachers I've had at Columbia/Barnard for small classes. 2. He edits all of your homework which is extremely helpful when you want to improve in Spanish. (It's also a lot of work for him, so take advantage of it!) 3. You watch youtube videos of crazy Spanish bands. It's hilarious. 4. Class is organized in a way that makes it feel natural and open. I never had a boring class. It was always interesting. The Bad: 1. The fact that I only got to spend one semester in this class. Honestly, if you are taking an advanced Spanish through culture class, take this one.

May 2010

Oh my gosh, Javier is the kindest professor around. He is super patient, friendly, and the class never had that uptight, intimidating feeling of many language classes. Ideally, you speak Spanish the whole time, but Javier's not above explaining something in English if it's necessary. My speaking skills improved much more in this single semester class than in my three years of high school Spanish. Javier uses great PowerPoints (which he also posts online), language and speaking exercises, and his approach seemed to provide the basis for a really natural acquisition of the language. The class is light on written repetition, so unless you take the outside initiative it might be difficult to build up vocabulary and grammatical rules. Take this class!!

May 2010

This man is the best professor I have had so far at Barnard. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to take a Spanish class with him, I would highly encourage you to do so. He is extremely kind, caring and patient. Even when people in my class asked him repetitive questions and yelled out in English, he never lost his temper and remained extremely calm. His comments on all of my papers were extremely extensive and helpful and he is very available outside of the classroom. Because he is from Barcelona he really loves Spanish language and culture as well as sharing it with his students. Although the workload was a lot (we had to do all of the exercises for all the chapters we did in the red and blue gente workbooks as well as selected grammar exercises and compositions), I feel like I learned more Spanish with Javier in one semester than I did in my four years of Spanish before college.

Sep 2009

Javier was such a pleasure to have as a teacher. he's so kind, earnest, and really cares about his students, and takes care in grading papers and assignments. my previous spanish professors weren't native speakers, so at times i had a hard time understanding his spanish accent (he's from spain). but still, such a gem.

Jan 2009

Prof. Perez-Zapatero is kind, thoughtful, and an incredibly fair and engaging teacher. His class was always fun, and he was always willing to help out his students if they needed clarification on material or extra help. He put care into grading every assignment, essay, and exam, giving every student a lot of helpful comments. This class was a pleasure. I would take Intermediate I with Prof. Perez-Zapatero if you can; I have never had a professor who cared more about his students.