Rakesh Ranjan

Sep 2020

Rakesh ji is such a caring and passionate professor. He has so much knowledge and is always ready to share it with his students. If anyone is having trouble he notices and helps them out. He always makes time for his students to ask questions, whether it during office hours, before class, during class, and even after class. He is very clear and honestly such a great teacher in all. Definitely would recommend you take his classes!

Apr 2020

Literally the loveliest guy. Great teacher who genuinely cares about all of his students. Always keen to help students out especially if they are falling behind. If you stay fairly consistent, you will get an A. Most people got As in the class without too much work but also learnt alot. It's a great class for people who can speak it colloquially. With bad grammar. Really helps with grammar as well as teaching students how to read and write which was awesome. This is a great class to fulfil language requirement. Lots of fun and learnt a lot, with good grades. Would highly recommend this and Heritage Speakers 2 if you are culturally South Asian but can't speak super well.

Jan 2020

Rakesh Ji is one of the best professors I've had at Columbia. He is extremely thoughtful, thorough, and takes the time to help his students and get to know them as well. I'm surprised he doesn't have a gold or silver nugget, but hope that one is on the way!

Apr 2016

Amazing professor who is invested in his students, taking Hindi with him will be the best decision you make with languages.

May 2010

Rakesh Ranjan is a veteran Hindi teacher who came to Columbia recently from Emory University. He is the head of the Hindi-Urdu program here. You might not be able to tell from looking at him, and he wouldn't brag, but he's a badass who is whipping the Hindi-Urdu program here into shape. He is a sweet and friendly man whose approach to teaching the language is excellent. The course itself is very challenging, and I would not recommend taking Hindi for your language requirement unless you are unusually interested in the language. For an easy-to-learn language for native English speakers, try Spanish, Persian, or German. If you are ready to dedicate five hours a week (an hour and fifteen minutes per day) and countless hours of homework to your study in addition to everything else in your course load, Rakesh ji is an excellent choice for instructor. He's slow, methodical, and he knows what he's doing. He's easily available outside of class. You will get out everything you put into this class, and he will meet you more than half way. If you have experience in Hindi or other Indian languages, his expectations will be higher than if you have no experience. My only gripe is that, as a native speaker, he sometimes has trouble understanding the questions students ask about grammar. Since a native speaker never has to learn grammatical rules in the same way, grammar questions aren't always as clear to them. However, Rakesh's experience and patience makes up for this by far. If you're going to study Hindi, start with Professor Ranjan. Protip: if you're interested in intensive summer study of Hindi or Urdu, look up the Critical Language Scholarship. Rakesh ji has been part of the Hindi program in Jaipur for many years, and if you're a good student, his recommendation would be very helpful in earning the scholarship.

Jan 2010

Great class...Hindi for Heritage Speakers was a great a idea and definitely helped me solidify my speaking, reading, and writing skills...he is a very good teacher who knows exactly where you may have problems and can address those problems quickly...Rakesh ji is also extremely accessible... he makes himself available almost every single day to provide help to students and review concepts...generally easy but at the same time I felt like I was actually getting what I wanted and expected from the course. Take this class or take his elementary hindi if you dont have any previous experience with the language...