Daniela de Silva

Dec 2017

BEST PROFESSOR. I'm happy I trusted CULPA on this one. Daniela De Silva is probably the nicest, most caring professor at this school. She is actually a fantastic teacher. She teaches the material in a very clear way, is happy to answer questions until everything is clarified, and spends the first 2 minutes of each class summarizing what was taught last class. She does not want you to stress. She is happy to see you in office hours even for the most trivial Calc I question and will tell you to email her to set up another time to meet if her scheduled hours don't work. This class is not easy. In my opinion her exams are really difficult, especially the last problem, no matter how much you study. However, she gives partial credit generously and curves the mean of the class to a B+, so it's possible to still do well. Every single one of my classmates had only positive things to say about De Silva because she is a great teacher and really shows she cares about her students. This was my lowest grade of the semester, and I'm not a the biggest fan of 8:40AM classes, but I still recommend taking Calc 3 with Daniela!