Enrichetta Ravina

May 2011

This was one of my favorite classes this year; Professor Ravina came to class prepared with a length slideshow (also available online) that fully and in great detail explained parts of how to value companies. She is a very sweet person and her lectures amply display her knowledge and willingness to teach her students. She makes learning valuation pretty interesting and I looked forward to her class every Monday and Wednesday even though it was at an odd time slot. If you want to go into investment banking, definitely take this class with Professor Ravina; I had heard horror stories about other teachers who were dry and unhelpful, but Professor Ravina is very approachable and it excites her to see energetic students who wish to learn the material. The course itself is sort of limited in its scope in that it only teaches how to value companies, so it is only practical for investment banking.

Apr 2011

This class is a must for anyone interested in banking. It is extremely practical and by the end of the semester you feel you actually learned something which can be applied right away. The class is filled with people who have done internships, or who will do so, so expect a rather competitive environment. Ravina's presentations of financial concepts was extremely clear, witty and she managed to make even the driest subjects interesting. The use of cases makes the learning process very interactive. The professor is lively, her Italian accent is charming and she responds to emails promptly. I definitely recommend this class! Although Financial Accounting is not an official requirement for this class, it will be very useful to take it before Corporate Finance. Although an accounting tutorial is given, it is way too weak to cover all the accounting knowledge necessary here. Plus, if you are interested in banking you should take accounting anyway.