Federica Franze

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Dec 2016

Take Federica. She's funny and makes it easy to come to class, even on Fridays. Honestly, in the four semesters I've taken Italian, hers has been the easiest and the one in which I learned the most. She writes her own quizzes, which are shorter, but just as effective. And there were only listening and writing sections on the midterm and final. I wish I could go back and take all my semesters with her.

Jan 2013

Federica is clever, funny, kind and maybe most importantly very reasonable in her expectations. This class is by no means easy, but is very enjoyable and worthwhile in its challenge. The syllabus is well organized and allows for much leeway depending on the actual class' ability and whether things are on course or not. In her advanced Italian course she challenged us each individually to become better writers of the language. We learned how to write in different voices, and read many different examples from journalism to poetry to recipes. I never felt like she asked for too much of us, she was always reasonable, but she always pushed us for improvement and asked for more when it came to the quality of our work. Federica is a challenging professor, but in the good way that you won't regret, so if her course fits your schedule take it, you will do well if you put in the effort. You can be sure that you will improve in the language and you will have someone supportive and understanding to help you do so. I'd give her a very high recommendation. Columbia needs more language teachers like this! She also cracks jokes all the time. Sometimes they are funny. :P

Jan 2012

I am amazed with so much I learned in so little time. I already speak Spanish and a little Portuguese, so I was afraid when I started Italian. I didn't know if it was a bad decision, or if I was biting off more than my Language sulcus could hold. But Not only did Federica make learning Italian organic, and painless, she made it fun. I truly think she is a great professor, and I know that everyone in class enjoys it. It also only helps, that she is funny, smart, elegant, always well dressed, and beautiful in a non-chalant sort of way. VERY Italian. If you are taking Italian, as I imagine most people do, because you love the culture or some facet of it (literature, art, music, the Ragazzi/e, FOOD) then this is the lady you want, she embodies the greatest things about Italy that we all love. She is a wonderful choice for either an intro, or an upper level conversation class. Totally deserves a gold nugget. You will learn a lot, and you will be happy you had such an understanding and hilarious insegnante to guide you.

May 2011

Oh god, she's so great. She is from Italy and teaches you more than just the basic grammar, like hand gestures and clichés that different areas of Italy are known for. She definitely makes class exciting, as she has a witty humor that keeps you lively and participating. She definitely made me want to study abroad in Italy. Take this class, she will make those 50 minutes of class a pleasure that you'll dearly value. Buona Fortuna!