Jacqueline Klopp

Jan 2010

This class offers a recitation period with the professor, which is something more classes really should do. For a survey class like this, the recitations are a great chance to reinforce the readings and to force you think more critically about them. The TAs can be hit or miss, so if you like the professor, I completely recommend taking her recitation. (Plus, it gives you more of a chance to build a relationship with her.) Grading for this class is inexcusably slow. The midterm took over a month to get back. The next semester has already started and I still haven't gotten my grade for the course. That said, she's pretty understanding on her end with deadlines. So if you're a little bit late turning a paper in, it shouldn't be a problem. She's a very personable teacher with some very specific knowledge. Though she doesn't know all the broad strokes, she creates a very warm and welcome environment, which is great in an introductory level class.