Joanne Bauer

Jul 2012

Joanne Bauer is personally and professionally displeasing. Simply don't take this course. Just don't do it. Other students of this class, whether entitled "Human Rights & Business" or "Corporate Social Responsibility" have been through it and had similar experiences. A few days after it was too late to drop the class, I received an email from this professor that was unlike any interaction I have ever had with a teacher before. I personally felt that the tone was abusive, and I also feel it was completely unprovoked. I was so shocked I spoke to another student in my program, who immediately said she knew scores of people who had similar experiences in previous semesters. I spoke to a few of them and even went out for drinks with one to get her advice. After that, I quietly mentioned the email to a couple students in the class and every one of them had a story (just three weeks into the semester!) that had similarly alarmed or disturbed them. The rest of the semester continued in the same vein, with seemingly random personal attacks, biting comments, and a feeling in the classroom like she was angry at you, personally, for something awful you'd just done to her. My experience of Bauer's style is that it is scattered, insecure, uninformed, punitive, reactive, and unprofessional. I'm willing to put up with a "mean" teacher if they are really, really smart and I feel like they are just toughening me up, but this was nothing like that. I've never written a negative teacher review in my life and I don't think I ever will again, but there you have it. Never take this class. Even if she had been nice, the material was not graduate level and I felt dumbed down after sitting through it.