Steven Cohen

Sep 2011

Steve Cohen is a skilled and clearly experienced lecturer. He was able to incorporate student dialogue but cut it off when tangents occured - - he ran his classroom like a military would run a ship. On time and with focus. The overall assignments: from the memos for class, the group project and the final larger memo - was a great way to start to explore some of the sustainability issues in the framework of the SUMA program. However, there were so many topics covered that we never more than scratched the surface on these issues. Although that is not avoidable, tehre were times where it felt as though the problems were oversimplified. In his lectures on public management - Cohen was clearly at his best. Sometimes in the newer lecturing topics, it was full with cliched jargon and some obvious findingds. Overall, enjoyed the class a great deal and thought the assignments were pretty easily graded. Follow instruction on memos very clearly. Once your memo is written, go through each question and identify where you answered it / addressed it in your memo. If you do this and don't go over word count, pretty much guaranteed an A.