Katherine McFadden

Sep 2011

Dr. McFadden may be one of the best professors I have ever had. Sustainability Science had a lot of toipcs to cover, but she managed to pull in relevant current events to each area which built excitement and gave the tangible reasons for why these topics are being reviewed. Each week, prior to class - students were required to submit a comment on coursworks related to one of the readings. This interaction allowed students to contribute ideas, even if they are shy - - and allow the conversation to be continued between the weekly classes. In addition, this format enabled Dr. McFadden to really focus the class on the new lecture. As a lecturer - McFadden has a strong background of experiences to pull from and give as examples, but she also fostered an environment where those with expertise in some of the areas being studied (common among SUMA students) were also incorporated into class. Dr. McFadden really worked with her students to help build our skills as sustaianble professionals in science related fields. For the research paper, rather than assigning such a final and letting us work it out - she gave benchmark deadlines and provided feedback along the way to ensure that we had adquate advice before completing the paper. For most of us, this was the first science research paper we have ever written so it was incredibly helpful. The group projects were also fun and interested but not too time consuming or distracting from lecture. Overall, best class!