Jodi Melnick

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2012

I'm also surprised that there aren't more reviews for Jodi--her class was one of the most unique and exciting experiences that I've had taking dance at Barnard. A "kook" she is, but of the best kind--class is always a good time, and her students are lucky to have a glimpse into the working of such an endearingly creative mind. She was also able to create routines that were challenging both to the more experienced dancers in the room and those whose only experience dancing had been with Modern I, something for which she should be commended but also, I suppose, should be expected from a teacher as experienced as she. Her creative process is challenging to students; with a progressive warmup that was continuous and continuously changing but packed with a core of repeated movements, I grew as a dancer because of it and was always engaged in class. Seriously, though, spending 75 minutes in her company twice a week is worth it, at all.

May 2011

Jodi is a kook, an amazing dancer, and an insightful, conscientious teacher. Her movement is highly specific and challenging, very aesthetically dissimilar to other teachers' that I've taken here-- sometimes subtle, gestural, but also can be quite physical. She has a lot of Trisha Brown influence although also does her own thing. Long warmup in which she encourages each student to make the exercises work for her/his own body, often a short across the floor jumping combination, then work on a phrase for the last bit of class. Highly highly recommend!

May 2010

I can't believe there aren't any reviews for Jodi yet! I wish I had taken her modern class sooner – it was a totally enjoyable and stress-free experience. Jodi is a fun, quirky, and offbeat teacher as well as an impressive choreographer who brings her own style into her class. We would start out with a relaxed warm-up and move onto a few combinations moving across the floor before learning a longer combination in the center. Her combinations involved challenging coordination exercises, but Jodi was happy to repeat or clarify anything that was unclear until everyone got it. My only complaint would be that the warm-up was a little bit long which didn’t leave as much time to work on the combination, but Jodi is definitely aware of the time issue and part of the problem is that classes are only an hour and fifteen minutes (short for typical dance classes).