Katherine Morris

Dec 2009

Katherine is AMAZING! Literally, no joke. She is young and hip and extremely nice. I've never been into Art but ArtHum was so interesting with her. She let us talk most of the time and just tell her what we saw and sure, she would steer the conversation and put in her two cents but she really made it interactive and fun. She clarified any topics that were difficult and made sure to answer all questions so that we were comfortable with the material. There is rarely any homework, maybe 3 readings to clarify material throughout the semester. The midterm is 3 ID and compare essays which are pretty easy. Two 5-pg papers just analyzing a piece and then a take home final, which is just another paper analyzing a theme from the whole semester. The essays seem daunting at first (can I really talk about art for five pages?!) but you learn a lot in the process. Anyway, she really is just a fabulous professor and I learned a lot. I'd recommend her many times over, possibly the best class I've had here at Columbia.