Delia Mellis

Dec 2008

Professor Mellis (Delia, as she goes by), faced an unfair disadvantage in that the seminar was far too large. Eighteen people is not appropriate for a class in which discussion is 40% of your grade. As such, competition to speak was intense, and impatient students cut others off while others' comment were truncated. Professor Mellis could have moderated better, being more decisive in allowing people to speak or shutting them off. Nonetheless, she is a caring and considerate professor who makes a strong effort to allow every person to tackle what is mostly well-written and interesting urban history material. The reading requires skimming from the get-go because it is so long, which is unfortunate. Professor Mellis, knows the subject well and tries to draw you into it, but would have been more successful if she lectured more. Granted, it was hard for anyone to get much more than a word in edgewise. Overall, I really enjoyed Professor Mellis but would have liked her to be more assertive, especially in clearly defining the requirements for each of the three presentations we had to complete.