Simon Calle

Feb 2012

Greatest CC Professor ever. If you are given Simon, consider yourself the luckiest sophomore in the College. If you were unlucky and didn't get Simon, find a way to switch into his class. The essays are graded fairly, class participation is a large part of the final grade and the tests are extremely straight forward. If you attend class, participate regularly, show up to the exams and turn in your papers on time, you will end up learning a lot and ending up with a satisfying grade. He's young, mellow, thoughtful and cares about what the students want.

Aug 2008

Simon Calle may be an easy A, but for a class that actually has potential to be fun, he bored the entire class to sleep. His terrible English was another minus. I dreaded each class, waking up, because I knew I would fall asleep right when I got to the 7th floor of Hamilton. Even if you can get a grade without trying to hard, Calle is one of the worst teachers I ever had, and made a subject I was passionate about into a huge turn off.

May 2008

Easy A. Mostly lectured with very minimal class discussion. Graded all assignments and tests extremely leniently with check marks and 100s. I'm definitely no expert in music, but this was hands down the easiest class I've taken at Columbia.