Patrick Singy

Apr 2008

Professor Singy is a very engaging and intuitive guy, and I'm happy to have had him as my CC instructor. If you would like a professor who refers to specific points in the texts and thoroughly analyzes them in an intelligent manner, then Professor Singy is the man for you. After each class, you will gain a good understanding of the book and elements that are unique about each one. He is mediocre with the grading. He is not too lenient, but I would not call him unfair either. For his exams, he will only test you on quotes that were analyzed in class, and it will be probably be open book. Good note-takers and careful listeners will perform well on the exam. But don't be fooled---if you don't do the reading it will be hard to figure out where the passages come from because there are many quotes to figure out and analyze in a relatively short period of time. With the paper, since Singy is a smart guy, you would do best to meet with him before the paper is due so that you gain an understanding of what he wants.....