Duane Lee

Jan 2010

I almost completely agree with the last review of Duane. I just wanted to add how ridiculous it is that he expected us to write papers with our lab partners. None of the other labs had to write papers. It was such a waste of time and it happened around midterms for my lab. We mostly just sat inside and did lots of math. Also, I think he chose favorites and he could be rude to some of the students. He didn't explain things wells and would go back and forth about his thoughts. He seems nice at first, but as the semester wore on, I couldn't stand him and he became more temperamental.

Jan 2008

Nice guy, horrible teacher. All other sections of this lab got to look at the stars...considering it was a nighttime astronomy lab, I don't think it was unfair to believe that was what our section would do, too. However, we just ended up doing physics labs all the time. They were poorly taught, the math was explained so horrendously I almost had panic attacks during our quizzes, and he was just not a good teacher overall. Even the assistant TA agreed with us that he wasn't doing a good job.