Laura Silverberg

Jan 2009

Silverberg seems to have eased up a bit since the previous reviewer. There was no facebook group, and the workload was very light (see below). She was very passionate about the subject and did her best to encourage class participation. She humored every question, was flexible & accessible. She seemed very knowledgeable about the subject & spoke eloquently. However, there was a lot of focus on the formal and technical aspects of the music being played - not tons of fun. I'd say that she is one of the better teachers of a mediocre course, but doesn't have a particularly colorful personality. Keep in mind however that the exams are very memorization-focused. If you take copious notes & have a decent memory, you will do well in this class.

Jan 2008

Insanely organized, outwardly very sweet and humors a lot of bad questions. Encouraged outside concerts, but the Facebook group for class was a little too much. She e-mails constantly, and she's incredibly accessible, but similar to high school in terms of workload. Just...unnecessary. And for a Core class in which most students had no background, I thought some of her exams were ridiculous and her grading unwarranted. Nice enough, but I'd skip her if you've got a heavy courseload.