Caitlin Trainor

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Feb 2021

I am not a dancer and all of my praise will support everything else on here, but I really do want to stress how phenomenal Caitlin is as an educator. I had never danced before and it was hard enough to do so on Zoom - but I was continually impressed by her focus on accessibility, her versatility in the face of tech problems, and her consistent emphasis on the ways personal experience/upbringing/cultural differences affect one's relationship with movement.

Jan 2019

AMAZING Professor! So welcoming and willing to help you learn, especially if you have no dance background whatsoever. Her class is so great that I am taking it another semester! Caitlin is so enthusiastic and passionate for dance and things involving dance, it really shows in the class. I have never not wanted to go to her class when the time came.

Nov 2018

Oh my gosh I love her! For someone who had no background in dance, but loves dance, I've learned a lot about movement and the body in her class. Modern I fulfills your PE requirement and honestly is one of the best classes I had my first semester. The class has such a nice environment and relaxing after a long day sitting behind desks and listening to lectures. Trainor teaches new content but also incorporates old material into the new stuff so it's not overwhelming. She also goes over any routine if you ask because sometimes she goes a little fast or the moves are a little hard to see. She gives individual advice when making rounds and is very caring towards her students. Make sure to come to class with dancing clothes, makes movement easier.

Jan 2014

Caitlin is a special person, a real gem. She is enthusiastic, encouraging, endearing, and helpful-- a truly great dancer and wonderful instructor. I always looked forward to attending her class because it was simultaneously relaxing and energizing. Caitlin managed to create a familiar routine, while still spicing things up and challenging the class. She offers positive feedback and constructive criticism and makes dancing fun. I would highly recommend this class to both advanced dancers and beginners alike. It's a must!

Jun 2013

Caitlin is quite honestly one of the best teachers I have ever had. She is a fantastic dancer with a fresh approach to teaching and life. My time at Barnard would not have been the same without her classes. She pushes you without being too strict and manages to maintain a professional relationship while still being friendly. Do her classes- they will teach you a lot and increase your quality of life!!! It doesn't even matter if you have no idea what Modern Dance is. Many people who took this classes didn't (including myself).

Jan 2012

I absolutely love Caitlin! She's fun, sweet, and full of energy! She definitely deserves a gold nugget. Some people are exaggerating on her strictness with time. She is actually super understanding and nice about it, just as long as you don't take advantage. I was actually really skeptical about going into dance after not dancing since elementary school, but after taking it with Caitlin I'm in love with it. She's really talented and had a late start in dance so it's really inspiring to me and the other dancers to see how amazing she is. So I definitely recommend taking modern with Caitlin. She's an amazing teacher and dancer and person, and I'm sure you'll have a really great time as long as you put in a little effort :) I'll definitely be going back for more :)

Jan 2012

Give her the gold nugget back! It's true that Caitlin is rather strict about things such as lateness and behavior during the class, but only because those are rules of dance classes in general. She really wants you to learn while still having fun in class, and honestly everyone should be able to keep their number of absences at 5 or lower because the class is so much fun. Caitlin is a great teacher, very approachable and a great dancer too. She can make the easiest moves look fabulous, always took the time to answer questions during class and stayed after class too to answer more questions. I would say that everybody who was in this class got a lot better at dancing, even though at this stage it's more about the effort you put in rather than your pure skill, so don't be intimated to take the class if you're an absolute clumsy beginner like me. Caitlin will turn it into an enjoyable experience.

Jan 2012

Caitlin's style of teaching is extremely endearing and helpful for those beginning their study of dance. Her choreography is very physical, and she's proactive about making students learn about their bodies and explaining movement through use of her own. She is, however, very strict about her requirements and not appreciative or approachable about almost any exceptions to her policies. Only take her class if you are confident you will be able to regularly attend and give your all--there's no getting back from that one.

Jan 2010

Fabulous, fabulous class. Caitlin is fun, smart, helpful, and extremely talented. She went at a great pace and made sure everyone in the class was involved and active, while never being overbearing or going too fast. She is clearly an intelligent woman (Skidmore alum, I believe?) and isn't afraid to physiologically explain what goes on for those who better understand dance in that way. She caused me to totally connect with my body in a different and deeper way. I still often find myself doing versions of some of her exercises. This class was a great workout, but not a stressful or impossible one. Nobody in the class was any Baryshnikov so don't feel bad if you don't have any dance experience. If anything, some of our best dancers didn't. I would recommend it to anyone.

Aug 2009

Caitlin is one of the best teachers I've had in any subject throughout my entire academic career. I was interested in learning ballet, since I love to watch it, and so I took Caitlin's Ballet 1 class just for fun. I had no idea I would fall so in love with the dance. Caitlin has a talent for instilling passion in her students by showcasing her own love of dance, and by instructing with both precision and unshakable patience. She makes it clear that she expects more of her class than they generally think they can give, which is flattering, challenging, and encouraging. Somehow she tends to be more apt at estimating my ability than I am. She is an incredibly sweet person--so much fun to talk to, dance with, and learn from. Her classes were always the bright spots in my week. She stays after class to answer questions, and she also answers emails in an timely fashion, which is helpful. One of the best things about taking a beginner dance class from Caitlin in college is that she actually started dancing when she was a college junior. Most ballerinas start dancing shortly after learning to walk, and that can be discouraging to someone trying to start in their late teens/early twenties and feeling very behind. It is so inspiring to have a teacher who is a beautiful, talented, and graceful dancer, even having started so late. Caitlin is brilliant, and if you have the opportunity to take a class from her, I strongly recommend it.

Jan 2008

Caitlin Trainor was an AMAZING Modern I dance teacher. She has Paul Taylor influences, and her class is very athletic and open. Don't be shy! She'll make you feel very welcomed and comfortable. After class, she would often stay to answer questions and go over some techniques with dancers. I had so much fun in this class (didn't miss a single class!) and it made me consider doing a Dance concentration (I'm an Econ major).