Steven Chaikelson

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Dec 2008

If you want an opportunity to see a lot of plays at a very low price, take this class! It is one of those classes you could only enjoy at a college in the city. Steven is extremely friendly and approachable. The class, however, is about the business of theatre, not really the performances themselves, so for me they could be very tedious. However, if this interests you, Steven is very knowledgeable as was the TA, Abby.

Apr 2008

Take this class. Just DO IT. But take the class when you are willing to give up an evening. It's certainly a fun class -- something you don't HAVE to take notes for because you won't be tested on anything he says in class. Attendance is mandatory, and so are all the plays. But it's totally worth it. What better way to fill your arts requirement than go see Spring Awakening? You see a play every week then do a write-up about it. We got awesome seats to a bunch of off-broadway shows, and overall, although the class takes a big chunk out of your Tuesday (or whatever), it's worth it.

Feb 2008

An awesome class for the adventurous. While the class had absolutely no academic reading and elementary school projects, it was made bearable by attending a Broadway/Off-Broadway or Off-Off Broadway show each week! While the 2 hour class seemed to drag on, I did end up learning a bit more about New York Theater (great for cocktail parties). Steven was very nice and easy to talk to outside of class.

Jan 2008

TAKE THIS COURSE, it is one of the most enlightening courses I have taken at columbia! Steve is awesome, a very nice and understanding guy and he is also knows his stuff about theater. The course is structured, so you dont get any pointless lectures. You get to go to shows, which is the greatest part. It was the class that i looked forward to! Do your work, show up to class, and get an A

Dec 2007

I recommend this class more than I recommend fettucini alfredo, and I love fettucini alfredo. Not only do you get to see a show every week for an entire semester for a mere $130 (unless the stagehands strike like they did during my semester), but you get an impressive wealth of knowledge about the theatre industry and specifically how it works in New York. Of course, it helps that Professor Chaikelson is a working producer, because it opens doors for all kinds of learning experiences. We met with producers and stars of shows after seeing them for question-and-answer periods, and used actual marketing packets as class materials. Beware, though. Even though the class may officially meet Tuesdays from 5:10-11, about half the shows we saw were on different days, which could be a problem for some people's schedules.