Andrea Lange

Mar 2008

I don't know how she got this job, and it baffles me even more that she has been able to keep it. I don't know if it is because of her language or cultural barrier, but she acts/appears/grades/speaks like she is mentally challenged. I feel so bad for the professor (Sonia Pereira -absolute DOLL!) who has to constinually fix all of her grading errors and calm down the furious & frustrated students. Her only saving grace is the professor who actually teaches the class.

Oct 2007

What did I do in a past life to deserve this TA twice???? She not only makes grading mistakes on problem sets and is terrible at running a recitation, she is also pretty much crazy. I was afraid to bring up her obvious grading mistakes because I did not want to push her over the edge and cause a nervous breakdown. If you have her, all I can say is sorry, and do not go to her office hours alone, you never know when she might snap.