Katherine Kasdorf

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Dec 2007

Katherine Kasdorf does a good job of trying to condense 5000 years of art into one semester. Sometimes it feels like a whirlwind because there is so much to get through, but she is always clear and well informed in her lectures. If there’s anything she doesn’t know (a rarity given how well prepared she always is), even the most trivial minutia about a work, she find the answer and email it to you or bring it up next class. The first few weeks of class were a little stale, but once we got past the initial introduction the class and her lectures were fascinating. She actively encouraged class participation. If you were dead wrong about something she never cut you off at the knees like some professors, but you learned quickly to interpret her “That’s interesting,” or even worse “Hmmm” as quiet negations. Sometimes it is a little difficult to remember all of the many Indian names, places, and dynasties but she is generally forgiving in her grading. If there is ever anything you don’t understand she will spend as long as you need helping you to understand. She answers emails almost instantaneously, which is actually kind of spooky. Do all of the readings. She doesn’t really cover them in class, but they will help you understand the material better and give you some great points for the midterm and final. There is a fair bit of memorization of names, dates, and places, but that is pretty much par for the course for Ahum classes. Ahum is often one of those dreaded core requirements, but Professor Kasdorf makes this class something you will look forward to attending twice a week and at the end of the semester you will feel a little disappointed that it has to end.

Dec 2007

She's really a superb teacher. She takes the effort to find out new stuff relevant to her lectures and she's always willing to admit if shes not entirely clear about the subject. Though the subject(esp the architecture portion) may be boring sometimes, she makes the effort to make the material interesting, and she comes up with the legends and myths and ideas behind these art pieces effortlessly. Overall shes an amazing instructor, I highly recommend taking her as she answers emails extremely fast, and is even willing to review your essays before you hand it in. She gives helpful tips for the exams and also makes it easier for us to memorize the abstract indian names by omitting some tedious details

May 2007

Katherine is one of the best TAs I had this semester. She is extremely helpful, and will go out of her way to meet with you if you needed to. Also, if you need help to understand topics in the classroom, you really just need to approach her, and she will gladly help out. Among other things, she answers emails really fast. She cares about her students, and makes an effort to learn everybody's names, so that in recitations you feel at ease to give your input.