Goutam Gajula

Aug 2008

Gajula may be too verbose at times, to the point that discussion becomes a one-man sermon. But I appreciate his efforts to lubricate discussions - awkward silent moments did not last long. He makes decent jokes, even if few in the class cared. Tries to keep workload at a minimum, and strives to provide useful feedback in essays to improve essays. I consider myself lucky that my backbone course at columbia was taught by this guy.

Mar 2007

Goutam is an amazing Lit Hum professor. He takes a lengthy two-hour class and makes it somewhat enjoyable. The format for his class is just a discussion of the texts read, and, even if you haven't read the texts, it's not a problem. As an Anthropology major, he makes references to many pop culture and other sources, sometimes leading to digressions that sometimes last upwards of ten minutes. He is very nice and makes many efforts to make classroom discussion enjoyable. You are very lucky if you have him for Lit Hum.