Christopher Wood

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2017

Professor Wood was an excellent professor in every respect, and a pleasure to learn from. The workload was fair, he was willing to answer questions, and taught clearly and efficiently. He's also a wonderful person, and obviously cares a lot about the class and his students. I would strongly recommend him to anyone interested in learning French - the class wasn't easy, but it never felt unnecessarily difficult, and it was possible to get an A if you just did the assigned work. A great professor!

Nov 2016

Professor Wood is an amazing teacher. I would definitely suggest taking his class if you are interested in French. Without any prior knowledge of the language, I was able to grasp concepts and truly understand with his teaching. He would find ways to make you interested in the language as well. Your grades depend on how well you practice and study for the class. I didn't do well in many tests but I feel that was because of my unsatisfactory studying.

Jan 2014

Professor Wood is an absolutely incredible professor! I tried several Elementary French sections, and in all honesty, he was the best teacher I found! He explains the material very well and his hilarious personality makes you look forward to his class. The best part is that he emphasizes enjoying the language, which is crucial to have any apt understanding of any language. YOU MUST TAKE THIS COURSE WITH THIS PROFESSOR! Workload is definitely manageable. About 10-12 oral and written exercises from the workbook per class which are due before the written test,5 compositions(4 written and 1 oral) and 5 exams(4 unit tests and a final)

Dec 2009

As the above reviews say, Prof. Wood is extremely passionate about french and french literature and he knows a TON about every author and their time period and the cultural/political movements that were happening. He's pretty much read all of lit hum and cc and a lot more. The class is, as expected, a lot of reading, and you have to do at least most of it - there are pop quizzes. He also sends out about 10 wikipedia or other article links via email that give more background information about things we talk about in class, which he also sort of expects you to read. Oh, and then the last two weeks of the semester, he'll tell you that you also have to write a 10-15 page analytical/research paper - that at least last semester, he made due the day after the final. The paper is a complex and difficult assignment to begin with, and writing it in a foreign language is just an added bonus. He has high expectations and is not an easy grader. I recommend trying to meet with him before papers are due to figure out what he wants from it- because he has very specific expectations that he did not tell us about until after the first paper. Essentially, he puts a lot into the class and expects that you put in even more. I would not recommend taking this class if you are already taking a heavy course load and want to have a life. It is a great class, and Prof. Wood knows a lot and is generally a good teacher, but he has no concept whatsoever of the fact that this is not our only class.

Nov 2009

A great professor. He has a passion for French that clearly shows in his teaching. I may not like the Language, but I loved him as a professor. He is very reasonable, a fair grader, and good about explaining things you don't understand. He grants extensions for good reasons (and sometimes just because you forgot to bring your work to class). He likes to bring in French music to share, and will let you borrow CDs of the stuff he brings in. He speaks only in French, which is normal for this level and helps students learn the language. He gives constructive feedback on assignments and curves grades on exams when everyone does worse than usual. I would definitely recommend taking any class you can with Professor Wood.

Apr 2008

This is the second class I've taken with Christopher Wood, and it was a deliberate choice. He has an enthusiasm for the language that is infectious, and his knowledge of French culture is impressive. I needed that joie de vivre, after a semester of 1201 with a teacher who almost put me off French for life ... Christopher Wood is a quirky wee soul - he sometimes comes across as a bit nervous, but he knows his stuff. I felt a bit sorry for him in this class, as a lot of the kids in it didn't seem to take it very seriously, presumably because it's seen as a bit of an add-on to the main - 1201 - class. However, for me the class was a godsend, after my struggle with 1201. Christopher Wood's conversation class saved me from hating French forever more. The only downside is the inevitable, loathsome French presentation, but you'll have to do that in whatever class you choose. C'est la vie ...

Feb 2007

For the first couple of weeks of class, many of us thought Christopher Wood WAS French, he spoke English so rarely. If you believe in the immersion method, he could be the instructor for you. That said, he will explain things in English, for those who are a little confused! I would definitely recommend him, mainly because a sense of humor is essential when you have signed up to make a fool of yourself in public with your first attempts to speak French. He is quirky and amusing, and it is a fun and lighthearted class. It's just a shame he's not currently teaching Elementary French II.