George Steel

Jan 2007

George Steel is a great professor. He is engaging, incredibly smart, funny, and sophisticated. He is usually available in his office after class without an appointment and will take the time and effort to explain anything that you may have missed in class. Although he spends a lot of time discussing the technical side of music theory, which won't be a problem for those who know how to play any instrument, none of that appears on the exams. There was a class trip to the see an opera and we had access (because of Professor Steel's connections) to an exclusive room where we were served drinks and snacks. One class was at the Riverside church to watch him conduct an orchestra. He usually takes attendance. The only thing required of you is to listen to the musical pieces assigned and be able to identify the name of the piece, the composer and period it was written. He is the head director of the Miller Theatre, if anyone cares to know, and he also hooked us up with a free subscription to Time Out magazine. Overall the class is very manageable