Shahid Naeem

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2018

Literally one of the best professors I have had here. He is so cool and engaging 10/10 phenomenal. Goes off on a ton of tangents but they're all super interesting. if you're looking for a super structured class you won't get that, but if you're looking to learn a lot and be super stimulated by interesting material take this class!!!

Sep 2015

He is a very engaging lecturer, but the way he teaches this class is terrible. The lectures have very, very little to do with the chapters we are reading. If he does go over something it is fast and at the most cursory level. There is massive amounts of reading and he gives you review sheets that supposedly cover the breadth of the test. You honestly might not even do all the work because the majority of the test is on his philosophical musings on the nature of the universe. Taking notes in his class is a nightmare. For instance, he will mention fermions in passing once, with no emphasis. The textbook does not even reference them once. You will have a detailed question on the exam about fermions that has nothing to do with what he actually taught or what you might be able to read in the book. All of the vocabulary, all of the work of studying processes and the items he puts on the review sheets (ie. actual biology) are not really on the test. (Honestly maybe at best 20%). If I had to do this over again, I would have dropped this class before the shopping period was up. I was thinking about going into Environmental Biology, but I don't want to take any more classes with this professor (who I believe also teaches the companion class.) Unless you are 100% absolutely going into the major, don't consider it.

Jan 2014

He definitely has a lot of personality and passion for the subject, and it seemed like he was always leaving right after class to go speak in some other country about saving the world. He's a very high profile professor. I didn't enjoy the half of the class he taught. Although the things we went over in class were interesting, the bulk of his course is in the readings you have to do on your own. It's fine to make students do that, especially in a science class, but the tests only seemed to assess our knowledge of the most trivial things in the textbook. For instance, one time the entire first page of a test was a blank list of all the animal phyla in existence and the categories they belonged to, and you had to fill it all in. I don't mind doing hard memorization work for things like that, but I got fed up when I realized there was no reason at all for him to make us remember this stuff. I found myself frantically memorizing a billion different latin names, most of which had perhaps just one or two insignificant species (according to the textbook). If you've taken general chemistry here, you can expect the same kind of anonymous, sporadically entertaining teaching style from the chem lecturers. Overall, my experience with this class made me lose interest completely in the e3b department.

Nov 2010

Professor Naeem is a very engaging lecturer. His colorful slides, quirky sense of humor, and approach to the subject matter make it hard to be bored in class, especially if you are genuinely interested in a subject matter (most students are). Naeem is clearly very knowledgeable, and often goes on tangents to talk about things he finds interesting. This would be annoying, except that he usually ties it back nicely to the lecture. The only problem with this class isn't the professor, but the workload. Although the material is mostly mentioned in class, students will still have to read and memorize chapters upon chapters of terms and concepts that may seem random and too complex for independent study. Take this class if you're willing to put in 100%, don't if you're expecting an easy A or to fulfill your science requirement.

Dec 2008

Naeem is an E3B rockstar. This class, for the first half which he taught, was an amazing class. His lectures are fast-paced, colorful whirlwind of his favorite facts and anecdotes, working to cover all the information which a "good biologist should know." This unfortunately means a LOT of memorization, but it's cool stuff - if you're into biology, his style of instruction will be perfect for you. Read the assigned textbook material and TAKE NOTES before every lecture! DO NOT skip a chapter! And pay attention in every one of his lectures! Particularly remember to study anything he draws a lot of attention to or says that a "good biologist should know." Draw massive asterisks next to that information so you remember to come back and memorize all those tables and charts. Seriously - memorize those tables and charts. It will all be on the exam. All of it.

Dec 2006

Naeem is a very engaging lecturer, with much personal experience to share. He taught only half of the course, and his tests were more general than the second professor's. Overall a good course, if you manage to stay on top of the material. Slideshows are online.