Ningwei Ma

Jan 2007

Professor Ma is from the Summer Program in Beijing and doesn't really speak English, but she's by far the most personable Chinese instructor I've had. Her class is taught immersion style out of necessity, but she does a good job of communicating with her students and making herself understood. Workload is very reasonable as she takes some of the communication difficulties into account, which is good. I'd recommend her highly.

Nov 2006

Ma Lao Shi is by far the best instructor I have ever had for Chinese. She is so warm, friendly, cheerful and energetic to students and she is incredibly devoted to teaching Chinese. She always come to class very well prepared and expects students to do the same. I have so much affection for Ma Lao Shi! I really recommend her class. She'll even teach you how the Beijingers do it by saying things like "dong mer" instead of "dong men". She's truely a fantastic teacher and she makes class really enjoyable.