Donna Kornhaber

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Dec 2006

I have mixed feelings about Donna. On the exterior she is great. Very approachable, seemingly interested in what you're writing about and she's a good listener. The things I didn't like about her though is that she can be really rude sometimes. Someone can walk into class a minute late and she chews them out like they're five when she rarely starts on time as it is. She also gives slightly misleading advice on her drafts. My first draft I followed her advice as precisely as possible and she still gave a rather bad grade and contradicted her own advice from before. She can be kind of snippy and comes off as being kind of pretentious too sometimes. She also likes to workshop one on one in class which is absoultely useless to those who aren't being workshopped and really a waste of time for 11 of 12 people at a time. She is good about letting you write about whatever you want so long as you follow the structure of each progression, which is great. Her husband also subs now and then for her and he's great, lots of fun. Overall she's good, I'd take her any day to most other UW professors, she just needs to bring the pretention level down a bit.

Dec 2006

She has a very flexible teaching style which is reflected in how she tries to work with the material and ideas that each student brings to class. The exercises were dropped in the beginning of the term so the main focus was on the papers. She is very committed to office hours and will make outside appointments to go over your paper and offer helpful hints for revisions. The topics for the papers were entirely up to the student's decision, which was great because the you can either be consistent in your topic choices (such as religion, music, pop culture, business) or jump to totally different areas for your own personal curiosity. Overall, an enjoyable class for those of us in it, which is something you won't hear from a lot of people who took University Writing.

Sep 2006

She's a helpful teacher, and from what I've heard about the teachers in the other University Writing sections, one of the best and most flexible out there. She'll try to help you out as much as possible, and she makes herself available outside of class, too.