Susan Jacobs

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Oct 2006

It is hard to imagine a better teacher than Susan.

Sep 2006

A really wonderful teacher. She's incredibly patient and always willing to help outside of class. As the previous reviewer mentioned she makes handouts for every class and goes over everything that people have trouble with. It's still a really difficult class with a ton of work, but Susan does everything possible to help her students.

Aug 2006

Susan is great. She has tremendous dedication not just to teaching, but to teaching well. Greek isn't easy; nobody is going to make it seem easy; but Susan makes it no harder than it has to be, and makes sure you learn it well. You simply won't find a better instructor in Greek, and I'd be surprised if you found one teaching an introductory class in any language at Columbia.

Jun 2006

A real gem. Susan was able to make learning Greek relatively straightforward. She is also infinitely patient with her students who can struggle with the difficult material. She gives handouts for every lesson which summarize the new grammar and forms and these prove incredibly helpful in gaining a command of Greek. You'll have to spend lots of time outside class working on what you've learned, but it's worth it for those who are serious about learning Greek (or any language). Definitely recommended for all budding classicists.