Sarah Klock

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jun 2006

Sara is a great teacher. Taking U Writing with Sara really changed the way I viewed things. My high school basically taught me to stick to one side of an argument and totally ignore the other but Sara taught me to see both sides to help better support my arguments. She usually expects top notch writing and grammar and will give you the basic lowdown on the stuff, but she isn't a a grammar school teacher or anything like that. She also likes to discuss a lot of things and she's very supportive of students' ideas. Speak up in class because it really counts towards your grade!

May 2006

A very nice teacher with a good understanding of how to teach the course. Very methodical but interesting... kind of a pushover, though. Ridiculously easy to get in touch with and very helpful in and out of class.

Apr 2006

Amazing. I have never had a more wonderful, lively, fresh, perfect, kind, AND encouraging teacher. She is so dedicated to her work and her students, and it really shows. Take her class if she teaches next year. Fabulous woman and BRILLIANT!