Allegra Kent

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Jul 2013

Allegra Kent is a great teacher. She does a good job of covering the basics and going over form and posture in this class. Fun, helpful, and easy grading. Take this class if you've never (or barely) done any ballet before and you want to learn, or if you just want to get some exercise. The class I was in was 2 hours long. First hour was at the barre, small break in the middle, and then the rest was center floor or across the room. There were some silly floor routines where we were basically running into each other. Also, it's okay if you have to miss a class or two -- she'll just tell you to write a poem and bring it in to her for the next class.

Apr 2012

Allegra Kent is a great teacher and amazing dancer herself, although she can no longer dance. She has a very good dancer (I believe a Juilliard dance student) demonstrate for her class though. Although I did not actually take her class, I took a couple make-up classes with her (I was in a higher level but the timing worked for me) and I can already see how professional she is in her teaching. Her corrections were spot on, even if they were very small and detailed. She is a very sweet woman and is not too strict or too lenient. She also did try to help as many students as possible. If you want an enjoyable class in which you will improve in skill, I recommend taking a course with Allegra Kent. I had danced when I was younger but hadn't danced in many years so I didn't want to jump into a high level right away, but I hope to take ballet 5 with her in the future.

Oct 2006

I really enjoy taking Allegra Kent's Ballet 5 class on Fridays from 10-12. Yes, the time is early and I always wake up to my alarm wishing I could just go back to sleep, but I always feel so much better once the class starts. Allegra's funny and sweet personality puts me in a great mood and I leave the class feeling refreshed and smiling. In terms of corrections, I have noticed that Allegra tries to watch as many students as possible. I do not receive feedback every class, but when I do, even the tiniest correction seems to be right on the spot. Sure, she does have one or two favorites who she looks after every class, but I would be surprised if you could find any teacher in the ballet world who does not have a favorite student. The attention she gives these students is NOT overwhelming, and I do not feel neglected or anything as a result of the attention she gives them. Overall, I really enjoy dancing in Allegra's class, and I would recommend that everyone give Allegra a chance and ignore all the negative comments that people make about her teaching. Just as a side note, I have been dancing for 14 years; so trust me, I know quite a bit about ballet teachers.

May 2006

Although yes, she has a wonderful history of being one of Balanchine's muses and dancing with any famous ballet star you can think of such as Baryshnikov, a great dancer DOES NOT make a great teacher. Maybe this was just a personal dislike that we had for each other. Yes, she can be cute at times, but sometimes she would put you to shame in front of the whole class. I never got any positive feedback from her and the feedback that I did get back was not helpful in my opinion. If you want a great enthusiastic teacher who gives you constructive criticism and has the same technique level as this class, take Robert LaFosse.