Terryanne Maenza-Gmelch

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2021

On Terryanne as a professor: A lovely, lovely woman. She's very understanding and flexible. If you need an extension on an assignment, just ask ahead of time and she will more than likely give it to you. She gives multiple five-minute breaks during lecture, which I found helped me focus better during class. Terryanne is very passionate about environmental science, and that translates to her giving interesting and engaging lectures. I find generally when a professor seems enthused to be teaching the subject, that makes me more enthusiastic to learn the subject. On Environmental Science 1: A great survey course for learning about environmental science as a field in general. A very basic understanding of statistics and Excel would be helpful, but is definitely not required. I took AP Bio in high school, and found this class to be a pretty easy A. I really loved this class because it is focused on the environment of New York City and New York State. For example, we learned about the Hudson River watershed and the geology of the region. I think my favorite unit from this class was on paleo-ecology. I also think this is an important class to take (even if you don't want to be an environmental science major or a STEM major) because it gives you a basic understanding of climate change, which can be helpful for any discipline because it effects nearly every facet of society. On Bird, Plant and Land-Use Dynamics: Before I took this class, I really thought birds were the most uninteresting topic. However, Terryanne is so passionate about ornithology that I left the class with a newfound appreciation for the role birds play in our ecosystems. This class normally includes weekly field trips during class time; however, because I took it online, the homework assignments included going on six nature walks throughout the semester, observing bird and plant species, and then drawing them in our "field journals." I learned to visually identify common birds and plants in New York City, as well as to identify birds through their bird calls. In short, this class has totally changed the way I look at the environment around me. It has made me more observant of my surroundings, and more appreciative of the nature New York has to offer.

Nov 2018

This class has been really really difficult, even though it shouldn't be. Scared the class is not going to be curved even though there have been very low grades on the exams.

Jan 2018

Professor Maenza-Gmelch is approachable and a down to earth lecturer. Having her for both lab and lecture, I quickly discovered that her dry sense of humor and enthusiasm for the topic definitely shone through. While I did not necessarily find the subject matter fascinating, Professor Maenza-Gmelch was really great about presenting the material simply and well. I also noticed that how she weighted the calculation of the final grade allowed students to make up for any mistakes or lower grades. For example, I got a C on the first test, but was able to make up my grade on subsequent assignments to get an A for the class. tldr: Terryanne is great.

Dec 2017

Sounds easy, but is definitely harder than people think! Work is an excessive amount and teacher is largely unhelpful

Dec 2017

Professor TM-G seemed very invested in her topic, unfortunately she just didn't for me in lecture class. She was great in the lab section. However, in lecture I just didn't find her very interesting to listen to. Perhaps it was because of the way she talked, which worked better in a smaller class. Anyways, she posted the lecture notes in advance so I would simply copy them either before or during class. Don't get me wrong, I do not in any case regret taking her course. The content is eye-opening and the lab section that goes with it is fantastic (you get to do such relevant and fun labs). She also organized several guest lectures which were very interesting.

Jun 2017

"Boring name; great class" Basically we met once a week and during this meeting there was a lecture for half an hour and then a walk around riverside park. After spring break, the class stopped meeting during the week and instead went on field trips to various parks in the area. I would recommend letting her know when Bacchanal is because my class ending up being on a field trip during it because no one told her. She is very accommodating at the beginning of the semester on dates. Terryanne is the best. She loves what she does and she is fair. There are a lot of assignments but a lot of them I did during the lectures and they didn't take very long.

Dec 2016

If you're thinking about taking Environmental Science lecture and lab keep in mind that Peter Bower no longer teaches the first semester!! Terryanne teaches it and she is AMAZING. Very passionate and accomplished and easy to approach. The class is incredibly interesting, well-rounded, and grounded in current events. I worked at a park over the summer and I was able to apply so much of what I learned to the job - fish identification, river currents, and bird identification.

Dec 2016

Good way to fulfill your science requirement without too much work. Professor Maneza-Gmelch realizes this and is very accommodating for those of us who were just taking the class for this reason. I had her for lab as well and her genuine enthusiasm and passion for the subject shines through at all times.

Dec 2016

Great way to fulfill science requirement with minimal stress and workload! I had Terryanne for lab and lecture and she is very pragmatic and concise. She wants every student to succeed and tries to make it as easy as possible to do so. She emphasizes exactly which concepts you need to know for exams, and always uploads all lecture material to courseworks for easy access. She's got an adorably dry sense of humor and is a total delight, always. Was never annoyed about anything she did. Great professor great person great course!!

Nov 2014

Terryanne is simply lovely and this class was baller. Who knew there were so many cool birds in New York City? You'll take birdwatching trips during class and weekends and get some very digestible, usable information about urban ecology. During other times you may be watching videos, listening to short bursts of lecture, listening to presentations by your peers, and doing lab activities like looking at different pine needles under microscopes. I was impressed by how well the class integrated the study of birds, plants, and land use, with a strong focus on each but not at all disjointed. There is more of a bird emphasis but the relation to plants and land use was very strong.

Nov 2014

Take her for your EVS lab! The lab reports can get a little time consuming but she's extremely nice and I really have enjoyed having lab with her.

Jan 2012

Oh my god, I am obsessed with Terryanne. She was my lab instructor for Environmental Science 1, and she is amazing. She is so chill, funny, and cares about the lab work just enough- to the point where she'll be reading some instructions and then say "Oh that's stupid, let's not do that". She is very approachable and always lets you out of the lab at least an hour early. I have her again this semester for part 2 of the course and I am very excited!

Dec 2006

BEST TA! Definitely helpful, understanding, fun, nice, not a scary lab TA. Go with her lab days, switch into them, whatever yu have to do. She makes this painful lab soooo much better, and you get out early, and she always is completely understanding with work/lateness/confusion. GET HER!!

Mar 2006

this class is so much fun. well, sometimes its a drag meeting one time a week for so long, and sometimes it got a little quiet with just 10 people, especially when 2 or 3 didnt show up, but Terry-A is a funny person and loves dendroecology like no other woman. she is very chill and doesnt make you work hard although the harder you work, the more touched she is. this class was enjoyable and the workload was pretty light. a couple lab write-ups, a final project, and short reading quizzes that i dont think she actually counts.