Alyssa Meyers

Dec 2008

I'll try to make it as objective as I can: Intro: University Writing isn't fun. You have to do the work, and there's a lot of it. I would try to focus my comments on what I relatively consider a reasonable U.W class. 1. Great feedbacks - for every paper you hand in, she gives a page long detailed feedback on what to improve for the next draft. these feedbacks were professional and extremely focused, so you don’t have to figure it out all on your own. 2. Class discussions - I haven't seen a bit of that feminism\righteousness\whatever that the first comment talks about. She clearly encourages you to participate without ever criticizing your opinion. On the contrary, I think she is an intellectual person. She knows the material good enough to guide the class discussion smoothly. It's substantially more interesting if you participate. 3. Perfect execution of syllabus. Now this is important for those of you who have to work to pay the rent. You can hand in before time. You have the exercises posted on courseworks. and you can prepare yourself in advance. Overall - Very satisfied to have taken this course with her.

Dec 2008

Yeah, that first review was bitter. Alyssa is a great teacher, really helpful, and you will actually get a thing or two out of the class. But she's not a pushover and she doesn't hand out 'A's for nothing. I had a friend in University Writing at the same time with a really relaxed teacher who apparently started the class with a half hour of small talk and gave out 'A's like candy. That's not Alyssa. She will find something to teach you.

Apr 2006

I agree that the last review criticizing Alyssa so harshly was not warrented. After having her for University Writing, I found her to be a very kind person let alone a knowledgeable and extremely helpful teacher. As far as being cynical, this just wasnt the case - she always tried to make class comfortable and often accomodated humorous remarks or made them herself. She even made her own cupcakes from the Magnolia recipe and brought them to class. She always helped to work through writing problems and her comments on papers were among the most comprehensive i've ever gotten. It's not her fault that U.W. is such an awful class, but she makes the best of it and is a very good teacher.

Feb 2006

I took University Writing with Alyssa Meyers last semester, and I think that the first reviewer was unfair. I found Alyssa to be receptive to everyone's ideas, easy as a grader, and generally positive about her students' work. I have never seen her come close to shutting anyone down, and I remember often wishing that she was more harsh with regard to her bullshitting students. My problem with Alyssa was that her assignments were not creative. We went through the same exercises for every reading: identifying arguments, evidence, etc., and this repetition was not necessary. My other complaint about the class, whether it had to do with Alyssa or not, is that it is not geared toward improving students' writing. We spent the whole semester writing responses to questions, but never really thinking about how to write well. I did not get much out of this class, but it was the easiest class that I have taken so far.

Jan 2006

If you are unfortunate enough to get Alyssa Meyers for University Writing, try in all your power to switch out. Shes cynical always serious and has no sense of humor. When she does laugh it is so off guard that you sit there shocked for the rest of the class. Try to kiss her a** as much as possible because she is very biased, especially with her grading. She is a feminist and does not appreciate it when her knowledge or authority is challenged. If you make a point in class, even if eloquently put, she will shut it down with her own version of exactly what you said. She must think that she is so great because she is teaching at an ivy league school, when it is apparent that she does not know what she is doing. Then again, I haven't met one individual who enjoys University Writing regardless of the professor. Just be prepared for a paper full of red marks.