Susham Bedi

Jan 2006

Class with Bedi is a trip. She's weird and funny, in that order. But I found the class pretty easy, and I'm sure I would have gotten an A, if I didn't sleep through about a third of the classes. If you can get over the 8:45 start time, you'll be fine. She also generally accepts late homework. It seemed like she was willing to bend her rules for the kids she liked (she liked me), so try to get on her good side. She likes a good joke. As far as learning the material, she didn't really deviate too far from the book, but she was also able to easily and fairly clearly answer any questions I had. I found that cramming every three weeks was sufficient to do well on the tests, and I'm sure I would have learned it better if I'd studied a little every night like she said to. So, basically, take her, she's fun and pretty lax, as long as you can get up that early.