Jenny Baxter

Jan 2006

Jenny Baxter is an excellent TA. All of the material that she covered in recitation and quizzes was very helpful when preparing for midterms and finals. The quizzes themselves are fairly easy and straightforward and should boost most students' grades. Her short lectures in recitation mainly covered how to do practice problems. While many students didn't think these lectures were worth their time, I found them very helpful. This said, many of the weekly quizzes are online so attendance is optional (though recommended). Jenny Baxter is knowledgeable about chemistry and is especially good at choosing which topics to focus the short recitation on. She answers any questions asked and is genuinely concerned and helpful. This is a major plus since she will probably teach you more than friesner does. Overall, while the other TA for Friesner's class (Madhav) seems equally good, no one could go wrong by choosing a recitation with Jenny Baxter.