Andrew Lynn

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Dec 2020

I can not say enough wonderful things about Prof. Lynn! Throughout the whole online learning process, he has been incredibly accommodating and so approachable when it comes to asking questions and reaching out for help. While the class material was sometimes not super intrinsically interesting, he always made everything so easily digestible and offered so many new views on the readings. I went to a few office hours with him and he was so kind and helped me work through and understand all my questions about assignments or readings. The workload was probably about average in terms of a college writing class, with several readings a week and a few essays, but he always offered super helpful comments. In all, if you have the opportunity to take a class with him, do it!

May 2020

wonderful class.....wonderful man....need I say more? I wish I could sip tea with him and chat about everything.... however, please take this class if and only if you are interested in the subject matter and are willing to participate and speak genuinely. take it because you want to learn how to change your perspective on media, absorption, and attention, not because the professor is highly reviewed. Otherwise if you come to class unappreciative of the readings or impartial about the subject matter, a seminar class would be underwhelming no matter who teaches it. That being said, I loved how this class made me think and Andrew has a beautiful mind! Can never tire of what he says because his thoughts are worth more than jade! please publish a book

May 2020

Professor Lynn is honestly one of my favorite professors so far. He is super nice and was very accommodating during our transition to online classes. He is approachable, down to earth, and extremely great at leading discussions when people feel lost. He also encourages you to expand on your answers so both you and the rest of your class gain a deeper understanding of the readings and the topics of understanding. However, he is also understanding of people who are quiet and aren't as confident with speaking in a seminar, and will work with you to build your confidence throughout the year. The readings in this class were all very interesting and relevant to our lives today, with discussion about technology, attention, and the way we view visual media. We also talk about art, but you do not need to have a background in art for this class at all. The course made me rethink the way I perceive the world. Highly recommend this class! This was not a stressful class for me at all, and I learned a lot about formatting my thoughts and expanding my perspective. There are some readings that can be on the longer side, but Professor Lynn does a great job clarifying in class. I definitely would recommend you read them, since seminars rely heavily on class participation and so you get the most out of this class. Please try your best to be prepared and participate in class! Definitely take this class or any other class with Professor Lynn!!

Apr 2019

Andrew Lynn is one of the most kind and thoughtful professors I've had so far. He is also super chill and very understanding if you are struggling with assignments. He is great at leading discussion in class and encouraging his students to think critically about the text, as well as being incredibly knowledgeable. He's always willing to give you the extra help you need in office hours, and is very accommodating with finding time to meet outside of class. I 100% recommend taking First Year Writing with him!!

Dec 2018

Andrew Lynn is an amazing professor! He is always happy to help you and always provides a lot of helpful feedback on papers. He is very approachable and friendly. He will make time to meet with you if you can't make it during office hours, and genuinely wants to help you succeed and become a better writer. Class participation is not graded which takes the pressure off, but it does help you when writing the papers. Overall I highly recommend taking First-Year Writing with Professor Lynn, he makes it as enjoyable of a class as it can be.

Nov 2018

Professor Lynn is kind, thoughtful, and pretty funny too. He wants his students to succeed and is so helpful in essay drafts and comments. I wasn't expecting to enjoy my FYW class as much as I do. He makes modern TV and movie references to ancient Greek tragedies and encourages us to read closely and critically. I definitely recommend his class!

Jun 2018

Professor Lynn is so thoughtful, intelligent, and kind. He genuinely cares about his students and their success. I went to his office hours every time I needed help with my essay and he discussed it with me for nearly an hour and a half each time! An hour and a half! I don't know any other professor who would do that. He is never in a rush to get you out of the door and wants you to leave his office feeling more confident and prepared than when you came in. Also, he leaves INCREDIBLY thorough and extensive notes on your drafts— it's unreal. He puts so much thought into his feedback and analyzes every single paragraph of your essay. He is a very fair grader— definitely not easy, but not overly harsh. Also, he brought us all snacks on the last day of class. Such a sweet man.

Jul 2017

Andrew Lynn is one of the most thoughtful and skilled teachers I've had in my undergraduate experience-- he's so wonderfully deft at leading a seminar discussion, his comments on writing are constructive and tremendously helpful, etc. It's like all the mechanics of teaching, all the hard hard work that can often go un-noticed in skilled teachers, Andy has such a wonderful handle on, and with such kindness and grace. I really can't recommend his classes highly enough. In his Critical Writing section you read a little more theory than I think many other Barnard professors will have you read, a little more theory and a little less literature, BUT even if you are not a theory-minded person, it's better you do it with a very skilled teacher than a less skilled one so I think it is abundantly worth it.

Nov 2014

Great professor for FYE: Legacy of the Mediterranean I. He really focuses on in class discussion and makes you think deeply about the topics at hand.

Dec 2013

I loved Andrew! What impressed me the most was his care and detail when looking at our rough drafts (which are ungraded--also a plus). He provided in-depth and helpful comments that made it easy to know where to start my editing process. He also made an effort to be available for additional help even outside his office hours. Did I mention he sometimes brings snacks to class??? All-around great guy who is both witty and hilarious.

Jun 2012

Professor Lynn (he says you can also call him Andy, though I preferred the professional title) is a wonderful teacher. He devotes a lot of care and time into reading our essays.You turn in a rough draft for each paper, and regardless of the quality of the draft, his comments are helpful and not the least bit condescending. He is a relatively fair grader, although I was disappointed with my final grade of A minus. However, he does reward improvement and hard work. His comments on the final paper are always very comprehensive and show that he took a great chunk of his day to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your paper. In terms of the way he conducts lectures, he has strengths and weaknesses. He is not at all condescending or dismissive of comments that make no sense, which shows a great deal about his character, but made students feel that it was okay to make irrelevant connections between the texts and their personal lives. At times, this prevented discussions from being as deep and analytical as I would have liked them to be. Nonetheless, the texts of the class are very engaging and interesting...if you have a good class full of women who are strong in english, it should be a great experience. unfortuantely, due to the long list of works on the syllabus, we did not spend as much time on certain things as I would have hoped (I don't see how a group can have a full discussion on To The Lighthouse in one seventy five minute lecture....), but Professor Lynn does his best.

Jan 2011

I'm enthusiastic for Andrew! Enviably intelligent and impeccably witty, he does talk soft, so paying close attention is necessary if you wish to catch all of his informative and priceless LitHum “gems.” He is just wonderfully adorable with his giggle-ish personality, although he commands class discussions well. I loved his attitude during class. He doesn’t put people in the spotlight to contribute during class discussions, so there isn’t the pressure that characterizes other seminar classes. Participation during class discussion isn’t part of your grade, which is a boost to shy people who want an effective teacher for LitHum. But survival depends on reading the material. Andrew isn’t concerned with whether you do or not, often encouraging people who haven’t to admit it and move on. This attitude reduces tension during class but you really need to be personally motivated. The motivation thing becomes important when the midterm looms. Half the test was passage identification, and they required some sustained thought even though I read everything. Not reading guaranteed an underwhelming grade. I thought he was a fair but also gentle grader. He asks for two longer essays and five shorter response papers over the semester. For the response papers, he looks for people to elaborate on localized and detailed observations in the text while he expected the longer essays to respond to broader themes. His essay prompts seem vague at first, but an early start usually delivers some good ideas to write about. For his feedback on both essays he gave recommendations for further inquiry; for the longer essays his typed responses were quite detailed and always great to read and reflect on.

Feb 2010

Although I think the previous reviewer summed it up very nicely, I have to add my voice to the (soon-to-be, I'm sure) crowd and remark that Andrew Lynn is a really fantastic teacher as well as a pretty entertaining human being. Andy seems to be always utterly engaged in the subject matter at hand, whether the discussion is focused on bees, sheep, or grammatical structure in the original Latin text. There was not a single book on the syllabus that (however long it took me to get through it) I did not feel glad to have read after the hour and fifty minute class period was up. The period is nicely balanced between class discussion and more lecture-type stretches, which is nice because he tends not to impose his ideas onto the discussion, but when he speaks he tends to have rather intelligent and insightful things to say. When he's in full form, he'll slip quiet little jokes into his address to the class. He doesn't seem to be looking for a response, just having fun with his place at the head of the classroom. This was his first year teaching this class, which made his insight all the more impressive. At times he seemed to be discovering the text along with us, which made for a really exploratory and rewarding environment. I could go on for a while longer about this truly enriching class, but I'll cut it short and leave it at this: he brought us cookies twice, and, yes, he made a legitimate connection in class discussion between the Iliad and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Suck it, tenured professors. PS: Make sure to visit him during office hours. He's great to talk through papers with, and just generally super nice.

Nov 2009

Andrew Lynn is a fabulous teacher. He is always well prepared and seems to have a limitless understanding of the texts, though he is still about as young as they come for professors. He fully utilizes class discussion, following the analytic direction of the class, rather than imposing his own opinion. In Professor Lynn's class, teacher and pupil work together to understand the texts as peers. Indeed, the only thing obviously differentiating him from the students is his vast knowledge and prescient didactic guidance. Though this is my longest class, it always seems to pass by quickly due to its interactive nature.

Oct 2009

Great teacher. He has a seamless way of teaching lit hum which keeps up with the pacing of the course. He also made a relevant and important statement about the illiad using buffy the vampire slayer...pretty impressive. But seriously I couldn't have asked for a better lit hum teacher.

Mar 2006

Andy personally made UW helpful and useful to me. First of all, I think he's a reasonable guy: if you do your work, you get a good grade. I recommend you do the reading, cuz if you participate in class discussions, they are pretty interesting. and you pretty much can participate without read at least part of the assignment, unless you're really good at BSing. Class discussions will also help you shaping ideas for your papers. Secondly, Andy is kind. As long as you are showing your effort, e's a generous grader. He grades papers by improvement. Thirdly, Andy is always available. Please utilize his office hours, he'll help you with your paper, he'll know you care about it, and you are doing the work. it's crucial that you go. Last but not least, he's a nice guy to talk to. so if you get couple minute extra during office hours, talk with him. Interesting guy.

Jan 2006

Fabulous. Knows his stuff and a nice guy. Make sure you take advantage of his office hours because his one-on-one advise always seems relevent and surprisingly insightful. He actually reads what you write thoroughly, proccesses it, and gives thoughtful responses. Awesome teacher.