Russell Rickford

Jan 2006

I suggest avoiding sections with this guy as a TA. He's friendly and laid-back, but his discussion sections left a lot to be desired. He wanted only remedial analysis from the students and seemed pleased when we regurgitated the texts for him. He is also bad at replying to emails. For our final paper, Russell didn't give us a limit or minimum length, which I liked, but some people were unhappy with. Unfortunately, he assigned the paper late in the semester and we didn't have much time to work on it. He was considerate with extensions, but his paper idea lack inspiration. We wrote critiques of authors' historiographical approaches. People under other section leaders had more interesting options that allowed them to write at different levels and explore a variety of ideas. For example, another TA had his students do Wikipedia entries--and they were assigned in the beginning of the semester, so the students had a lot of time. I general, I would avoid taking a section with Russell. You won't work hard, but you won't get _anything_ out of it either.