John Frankfurt

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Sep 2008

I'd been waiting for a few semesters for the film department to offer this class again and it was definitely worth the wait. Professor Frankfurt is a well-prepared, knowledgeable, teacher who puts together a solid course. While his humor sometimes escapes the class, he does a good job at facilitating discussions - integrating student comments and questions in productive ways. The screenings were always quite good. There was a blogging assignment that was a bit ill-defined though it was nice to be forced to have to visit and write about places like Anthology Film Archive. Students had the choice of a final seminar paper or making their own experimental film. Overall, worthwhile taking this class.

Jan 2007

Prof. Frankfurt is a nice guy who teaches an okay class. His interpretation of silent cinema isn't thought-provoking and doesn't evoke enthusiasm from his students, but was informative and a pretty good intro to silent movies. His papers are sometimes annoying. The first two topics were so incredibly general. For the third archival paper, it was interesting to go see archival slides at the Rare Books Library, but no one had any idea what he wanted us to write because there was no precedent for the assignment. He is nice (slightly awkward) and responsive to student comments, but there's nothing to get worked up about.

Dec 2006

This is not an easy topic to teach, but Professor Frankfurt managed to make the class casual and engaging. I really appreciated how he was so receptive and responsive to student comments; it was great to be able to voice personal opinions for once.

Nov 2005

Prof.Frankfurt is very engrossing. He changed the way I think about art and everyday things like IPods. He is a film guy so make sure you're interested in movies. He is straightforward and clear. Class discussions were always entertaining.