Benjamin Sadock

Aug 2005

Great teacher! Highly recommend the class with him. Very laid back, barely any work for the class, is very understanding if you're a slow language learner but is just a great teacher. He starts the class by speaking to you in yiddish (which you won't understand the first couple classes) but has you speaking back by the first day! There was hardly any work for the class and while it sometimes got a little boring, you should still go (it's a language class!). Sadock is funny and knows his stuff. I highly recommend taking this class with him.

May 2005

Benyamin is a great teacher! Not only does he have a personality and sense of humor but he really knows how to teach the language. He's a chill guy and has a "don't ask, don't tell" grading policy which is awesome! If you do the homework, do well on the 10 question, easy quizes, and do well on the final, you'll definately get an A - I did! I recommend knowing Hebrew or German (or both) before signing up for this class, though.