Samuel Skippon

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Jan 2021

Love him! Super easy and chill. Only grades first test and composition tho. He claimed that his canvas broke in the middle. Easy A love this guy

Jun 2015

One of the best! He's funny, competent, charming, and super approchable if you ever need help. I know he had some health issues this semester so classes were canceled pretty often (like, more than 4 times) which was fine with me, but we still managed to finish the entire course book without any stress or cramming at the end of the semester. The course was accelerated, but unlike Accelerated Elementary it was a lot less grammar, and we spent many days in between just talking about French movies or watching French news or something. Samuel is a stickler about pronunciation (especially gender agreement) and overall I think my pronunciation improved a LOT in his class. In-class worksheets are very helpful and I always felt like review was pretty thorough even though the course moved very fast. We had short homework assignments on a nearly-nightly basis, which I did pretty rarely, so I got really good at answering on the spot in class. It never seemed to be a problem, which is great! Because of the nature of Intermediate French I, the first part of the semester was just review of Elementary French II so that was a really nice time. Even though the second half of the semester was harder, Samuel is a more than capable teacher who makes class a joy. After having taken French since September and feeling really nervous for my second intensive semester, I was so impressed by my own ability to discuss more complex news stories, movies, and longer writings in French—progress I credit mostly to the lovely professors I've had. Overall, Samuel is great and I would recommend him 100%!

May 2015

This was a great class! Samuel is a great professor who always made class interesting and lively. Very talkative, funny, and honestly just adorable. He always provided creative and fun topics of discussion or exercises to do in class as a way of practicing whatever it is you're learning -- which forces you to learn it because you're using it in conversation but also helps students understand how to practically use the grammar rules in real conversation. My only vice is that we didn't get back graded work in a timely manner at all -- it's the end of the semester and I only know my grade for one test and two compositions. But Samuel has made it clear that we're all doing very well, and if you need to work on something specific he will let you know. Take this class if you have the chance! Take Accelerated Int. in general; all the profs are good and the class is really a great way to finish up the language requirement if you still need to.

Apr 2010

I really liked Prof. Skippon. He's pretty easy-going in class, speaks French beautifully, and is a fair grader. He speaks French 90% of the time, but he will break into English if the class is totally lost during a lesson--which is great. He stuck to the syllabus, it was always clear what was expected and when. He rarely assigned additional work and when he did, he didn't spring it on us last minute (no BS late night emails asking us to prepare something extra). That made life easy for those of us with lives outside school. I learned a lot and I felt like I was graded fairly. You can't ask for much more.

Nov 2009

Samuel is a FANTASTIC professor and I highly recommend him. He is nice, funny, charming, and always entertaining. More to the point, it’s obvious he loves what he does and he is truly a wonderful teacher. His class has been an immensely enjoyable learning experience for me; there is not one thing I would change about his teaching style. He’s flexible with deadlines and he makes himself extremely accessible (and approachable) to his students. He consistently goes out of his way to make sure the students understand the material and he always seems to be aware of individually needs. In short, he will do everything possible to help you learn the language. Most of the class is conducted in French, which can be a little frustrating at first, but it’s the best way to learn. When needed, he will answer a question, or explain a difficult concept in English. When the class began I was a bit overwhelmed as I had never taken a language class before and really did not know how to go about learning French. The class covers quite a bit of material, and if you don’t stay on top of the homework / vocabulary you will be lost. That being said, if you are willing to put in the work, you will learn a lot and have fun while doing so.

Aug 2009

Samuel is very committed to the French language and teaching it to his students. The problem is, this is only a two-point class, and he took it pretty seriously. There were regular readings, including an entire French novel, and movies to watch outside of class. Classes were pleasant, as Samuel knew how to keep conversation going on interesting topics. He knows the language in a lot of precise detail, and will correct mistakes and introduce you to native phrases. By the end of the term you'll definitely be speaking better and have gained some knowledge of French politics/culture, but know that the class comes with some work.

Apr 2008

Samuel is charming, totally French and really nice. This class was basically just watching movies and talking about current events. I do not feel that my French improved at all, but at least it was fun, and really easy.

Aug 2007

I took French 1101 with Prof. Samuel this summer. We had several students in my class who already had taken a lot of French; this was not taken into account. Instead, the Prof. acted, in my opinion, as though it was the students fault -- who hadn't taken French before -- that they didn't understand the material as quickly as the ones who had taken French before (This was Elementary French 1). Moreover, he returned all of our exams 3 days before the final, corrected but didn't grade the compositions and had no oral exam -- although this was part of the grade breakdown. The most disturbing part, however, was that the Prof. stated that a test would only cover certain chapters, although it covered other chapters as well. If you have taken French before this is, arguably, a good class for getting a high grade in as the tests will cover material not dealt with in class, or otherwise stated to be part of the tests.

Dec 2006

I've had nothing but terrible French teachers throughout high school, so I especially appreciated professor Skippon. I learned more in a semester with him than I did in my previous four years. He is a fantastic professor who may appear a bit unstructured, but you simply learn so much just going to class. Accordingly, I highly recommend attending as many classes as you can; it's so much better than trying to teach yourself out of the book. He paced the course just right, and everyone felt prepared for the final. His grading was tough but fair, and he has to be one of the most understandig professors (but, like a previous reviewer said, you won't want to take advantage of him.) He has a dry but hilarious sense of humor, and the entire class has a very relaxed atmosphere. Class participation is a big component of the course, but he doesn't make you feel stupid if you don't know something. He's probably not the easiest French professor, but you will not regret taking him, particularly if you plan on taking higher level classes.

Dec 2005

French with Samuel has been a fantastic experience. I've found that in almost every foreign language class I've taken, the teachers tend to be a little disorganized and don't stay on task, and of course, Samuel is no exception, but we've completed the course without rushing any single part. The workload is entirely manageable, and he isn't too hard a grader. He's also EXTREMELY understanding about extensions, etc.- but you won't want to take advantage because he's so nice. He's a fair grader and sincerely wants and expects you to learn the language and will do whatever he can to facilitate that. All in all, a fantastic language teacher, take the class.

Nov 2005

I COMPLETELY agree. I found Professor Skippon to be an exemplary language teacher. He makes learning fun and interactive, and has a fabulous sense of humor, and doesn't take himself too seriously. He does, however, have a genuine concern that students are learning and that the class can forge ahead at the same level without leaving anyone behind. I have taken French before, and thought that the class would be too basic, but he keeps class interesting, and his forays into contemporary French culture and language would keep anyone interested. Altogether a fabulous teacher, and every effort should be made to get into his section.

Nov 2005

I thought Prof. Skippon was great. His pronunciation of both French and English are great as said before. He is very understanding and nice. Is very willing to explain things if you don't understand or have any questions. He seemed to be a out of place for some time this semester, since we fell behind when he got sick and had to cancel class twice but is an incredibly good teacher. I give him my highest recommendation. -If you study once in a while and are good at memorizing vocab quickly, you can do good cuz I didn't study all the time. Only like 1 or 2 a week, when I did homework or were going to have a quiz or test.

Mar 2005

Samuel is a great instructor with a hilariously dry sense of humor who loves to teach. He is a native speaker, so that definitely helps, but he also speaks English with complete fluency and an American accent. He is always available for questions, is quite clear and really wants his students to be successful. The class is very well organized and the written assignments are creative as well. Very enjoyable overall, which is a good thing as the class is at 9am Mon-Fri. Highly recommended.