Elizabeth Amann

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jul 2009

I loved -- No, make that I am in love with -- Prof. Elizabeth Amann. I had her for both semesters of Lit Hum. I forwent writing a CULPA review after the first semester, so that I could offer a more well-rounded description. I could talk for QUITE a while about this woman (and I have), but I will try and keep it short here. Elizabeth Amann cares about serious academics, but don't let this intimidate you. She also cares deeply about each and every one of her students, reducing the class syllabus, allowing extensions on papers, and implementing a personal policy of "grade inflation" on exams. She expects that you come prepared to class. You certainly don't have to, if you feel disinclined to do so. (She is very understanding, as I've said.) However, I strongly suggest doing the reading for the class, so that you'll be able to get the most out of her laid-back, yet highly informative and undoubtedly insightful class lectures. I plan on taking as many classes with her as possible in the future.

Apr 2008

Professor Amann is hilarious, kind, caring, and understanding. If you're sick, she's willing to work with you to help you deal with what you missed. And, as other reviewers said, she made me want to come to class everyday. I wish I could take her for other classes.

May 2006

wonderful! If you have her, keep her. She reviews each book with as much depth as possible. By the end of the year, you'll know more than other lit hum classes that just skimmed the surface of each book. her insights are always interesting, and they lead into interesting class discussions.

May 2006

OK. If you are reading this review because you just figured out that Prof Amann is your Lit Hum teacher, CONGRATULATIONS! You just scored yourself the nicest, most easy-going Lit Hum teacher in the school. She extends every paper, takes texts off the sylabbus, and is really laid back. Some advice: remember, you came to columbia to learn something, not to cram on spark notes. so read the books. enjoy yourself. Prof Amann is awesome.

May 2005

There aren't enough good things I can say about this woman. Elizabeth is funny, brilliant, caring, and beautiful. She made me want to come to class everyday. Her insights into the text are always interesting, and seem to come from both her own experience with the texts and a deep understanding of what others have said about them, as opposed to other core professors who I've heard do little more than read the spark notes allowed to the class. While you don't have much of a choice in Lit Hum, if you get her keep her whatever it takes, and if you're interested in Spanish Literature, seek her out.

Apr 2005

I had Ms. Amann for Lit Hum and Spanish Film my freshman year. Very warm and accessible, and extremely smart. Often she is over everyone's head, as she prepares extensively for every class. Usually gives a 20-40 minute "lecture" with few digressions which is easily to follow if (and only if!) you have done the reading/movie watching. She is definitely one of the best Lit Hum teachers, being very interested in the reading, and in control of the class. Her Spanish (Italian, English, maybe more...) is impecable, and she does a great job teaching spanish film. That class is really amazing. The movies are great, and you really feel like you know spanish culture and twentieth century history by the end of the semester.

Mar 2005

Prof Amann is really great. She asks pointed and interesting questions in class, which makes you really think about the movies in a deeper manner. She is very intelligent, and the class discussions are interesting as a result. Make sure you do watch the assigned films because otherwise, you will not be able to follow the discussion. Class participation counts (and, is in fact, the sole method of evaluation except for the midterm and final) so make sure you contribute. She makes an effort to learn your name if you participate frequently, despite large enrollment. In general she is a very very nice person and conducts an interesting and enjoyable class.